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June 24, 2015
Going through old posts it became clear to me that I definitely have a couple of favorites - stories of the adventures we got up to in my first couple of years at University, thoughts on the difficult and the incredible times and sometimes just a whole bunch of rambling that doesn't really make much sense to anyone else except for me.

I have compiled a list of favorites - some of my own personal bests and others are what readers' have enjoyed most - just to save you the trouble of having to go swimming through that pretty little archive! 

You'd Have a Chocolate Milk with Me at 2:55am - the one that I wrote at 2:55am in tears.
Because I'm a Hot Pot of Rice and I Don't Need No Side Dish - the one where I recall my worst dating stories.
He Is Constant - the one where I chat about how difficult I found being a Christian in University was.
The Day Soup Taught Me a Lesson - the one where Coldplay and Butternut soup made for a good mix.
Reflections on Endings - the one where I spoke about how a 14 year friendship came to an end.
When Plans Change - the one where I talk about how I went from being homeless to living in my own flat within the time frame of 36 hours.
Lost In My Own Thoughts Again - the one where I let my heart ramble on.
Lessons Learned in a Parking Lot - the one where God reminded me of something very important in a parking lot.
Thing You Never Needed To Know - the one where I give you 21 facts about me.
Who am I to Complain?  - the one where I sound like a whiny little bitch.
I Just Wanted Some Fresh Air - the one where a pick up line was used on me.
Thanking God Over a Handful of Chips - the one where I did just that - thanked Him over a handful of chips.
5 Reasons Why I'm Not Cool - the one where I explain my love for cats and dislike for David Guetta. 

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