Picking The Perfect Tree

December 07, 2015
It's most definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Leahy household. Yesterday morning my parents, Liam and I went in search of the perfect Christmas tree. It was such a fun morning scouting out the one that was just right. We haven't had a live/real tree for the last couple of years so I was especially excited this time round.

After we'd found our tree we popped into the little village shop and got ice cream before driving around our farms for a while. I love simple times such as these with my family. They really are so special to me.

We spent the evening stringing the lights and Liam was in awe. He cried at bed time because he was worried his "Kissmiss tree" wouldn't be here when he woke up - it's the sweetest thing watching him grasp the concepts of Christmas and experience it all properly now that he's getting older.

We spent today making salt dough ornaments which we'll hang tomorrow once they've dried out properly. It's so much fun getting to experience all of this with a little person in the house. It really is my favourite time of year!

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