A Quick Life Update and November Goals Reflection

December 03, 2015
Can someone please pinch me? Because I'm struggling to believe how we're here - December 3rd. The last few weeks have been so busy for me but now that the craziness of wrapping up my degree and moving to KZN has passed, I've had a moment or two to sit down and take in the reality that I'm in this season of life. Before we jump into what's been going on round these parts, let's take a little look back at my goals for last month...

Arrive back in Grahamstown safely. 
Continue eating well and taking care of my body. - I managed to Bant solidly for an entire month, only cheating once with a Savannah.
Study hard for my upcoming exams. - I'd like to think I put in more than enough effort.
Write each exam paper calmly.
Hand in a statistics take home exam. - After working solidly on this one for 24 hours I was so graetful to hand it in.
Continue turning to Him daily and being aware of my constant need for His Grace.
Spring clean my apartment and donate items to charity where possible. 
Pack up the apartment and be ready and waiting for Dad to get to Grahamstown to help me move out. - What a task this was!
Complete my out-going inspection with Remax and hand over my keys.
Enjoy one last dinner in Grahamstown with Dad and Emma. - My sister Bridge and her boyfriend Dill came down with my Dad to surprise me. I was so grateful to have them there and made them do all the heavy lifting!
Take a photo in front of the clock tower just like I did on my first day. - 10 minutes before we were meant to do this the biggest storm started and the rain poured constantly for the rest of the day so we didn't get a chance to do this. I'll have to take one in April when I head back to graduate.
Arrive back to KZN safely, with all my belongings in tow.
Spend my first night in Bramble Cottage - YAY!
Celebrate Nic's 17th birthday.

November was a busy month full of studying for exams, soaking up my last moments in Grahamstown and moving back to Bramble Cottage. The last three weeks in Grahamstown went by so slowly! It felt as though they were never going to end, but here I am - it's all over. In between writing my finals, we decided to tick off a few things from our Grahamstown bucket list. We went around town and did all the things we'd been meaning to do, but hadn't gotten around to for the last three years. We museum-hopped, watched the sun set at Toposcope - the highest point in Grahamstown, explored the many Cathedrals and tried out coffee shops we'd never been to.

And then came the big moment - moving out of little Number 15. It took me 3 days to completely pack up and clean the place out and I have to be honest - I never want to move house again - ha! It was tiring and sad and exciting all at once. Currently, I'm living out of a suitcase somewhere between Bramble Cottage and the farm. I've been home for a week and spent the first few days at Bramble Cottage but I think I'll be switching between the two places during December just because it's holidays and I'd like to be where my family is. I feel as though I'm finally where I've always meant to be and there are moments during each day that I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude at how great life is. I'm feeling settled already - I've unpacked my boxes, I've tried a new church and I'm just so at peace with life right now. This new adventure is just beginning and I couldn't be happier.

And so, November, thank you for being one of the greatest. I only hope December knocks your socks off! Oh! And before I forget - pop back here tomorrow because I've got some exciting news that I've been wanting to share with you all for a few months x

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